Custom-made Mouthguards in Dulwich Hill

We love it when our patients look after their teeth when playing sports. Mouthguards are one of the best ways to prevent injuries to your teeth and facial structures when you are playing contact sports. Theres nothing worse than losing a tooth or two in the middle of an important sports game. The mouthguards at Ultra Smiles Dental are custom-made to your jaw so they are more comfortable, last longer and reduces issues to your TMJ and joints.

To fabricate a mouthguard, models have to be taken of your teeth so we can plan your case.The mouthguard are either made in house of sent to a local laboratory. Once the mouthguard is fabricated we trial it in your mouth to make sure it is fitted properly. The you’re off on your way knowing your pearly whites will be protected at your next sports game!

​We have many colours and designs to choose from, we can’t wait to help your protect your teeth. Call us on (02) 9145 0149 or book online!

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