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Teeth on Implants and Denture on Implants in Dulwich Hill

All on 4/ All on X, is a perfect solution for patients who have all their teeth missing or the remaining teeth are going to fail long-term. It has the benefit of replacing all the teeth within a short time frame sometimes a day or two. The solution involves placing 4 or more implants, where the X symbolises an unknown amount. Typically, if you have healthy bones, gums and neighbouring structures we are able to place 4 dental implants to support 12-14 teeth. If your existing jaw structure is weaker, we may need to place more implants, usually up to 6 implants. On the day or surgery, if your implants are very secure we are able to give you your perfect smile in 1-2 days. Regardless of which option we decide on, we guarantee you will leave our clinic smiling.

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FAQ's about All on 4/ All on X

Our team of specialist periodontist and dentists are dedicated to providing you with a solution to replace your missing/ damaged teeth. Most of our patients come to us looking for a long-term solution because they are tired of wearing uncomfortable dentures or have teeth that are not happy with. The All on X treatment is performed within our state of the art clinic and we have the facilities to put your mind at ease and also options for IV Sedation.

For the long-term upgrade, patients can either choose from a high-quality acrylic prosthesis reinforced with a titanium bar or high-quality porcelain (zirconia) reinforced with a titanium frame. We will regularly check up on you and your smile at your 6 monthly appointments.

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