Payment Plans

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What Are Dental Payment Plans?

Depending on your treatment type, our payment plans begin from as little as $33 per week.

Our payment plans are administered by Humm / National Dental Plan.

At Ultra Smiles in Dulwich Hill, we understand that dental treatments are essential for maintaining a healthy and radiant smile. To make high-quality dental care accessible to all our patients, we have partnered with Humm, a leading payment plan provider. Humm offers flexible and convenient payment solutions tailored to suit individual needs, allowing you to undergo your desired dental treatments without worrying about upfront costs.

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Humm is a reputable payment plan provider that specialises in offering affordable payment options for various dental treatments. Whether you require Invisalign, braces, or porcelain crowns and veneers, our partnership with Humm ensures that you can begin your treatment without delay. With payment plans starting at as little as $33 per week, you can enjoy the benefits of having a perfect smile without breaking the bank. Humm’s straightforward application process and quick approval turnaround make it an ideal choice for patients seeking budget-friendly dental solutions.

By choosing Humm as your payment plan provider at Ultra Smiles, you gain access to a range of benefits that enhance your dental experience. Firstly, Humm’s payment plans eliminate the need for large upfront payments, alleviating financial strain and allowing you to prioritise your oral health without delay. Secondly, their flexible repayment options enable you to select a plan that aligns with your budget and lifestyle, making it easier to manage your dental expenses. With Humm as your trusted payment plan provider, we at Ultra Smiles are committed to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams in the most affordable and stress-free way possible.

FAQ's about payment plan

Yes, most payment plan providers, including Humm at Ultra Smiles, offer plans that are accessible to a wide range of individuals. The application process is generally straightforward and requires minimal documentation. Approval is often based on factors such as your income and credit history, but even individuals with less-than-perfect credit scores can qualify for certain plans.

While specific terms may vary depending on the payment plan provider, Humm at Ultra Smiles offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees. You’ll know the exact repayment schedule and any applicable interest rates upfront. Additionally, Humm offers interest-free plans and low-cost options to help you budget and plan for your dental treatments effectively.

Yes, at Ultra Smiles, we offer payment plans through Humm for a wide range of dental treatments, including Invisalign, braces, porcelain crowns, veneers, and more. Whether you require routine check-ups, cosmetic dentistry, or extensive restorative procedures, you can explore suitable payment plan options to make your treatment affordable and accessible.

Humm’s approval process is typically quick and efficient. In many cases, you can receive instant approval during your dental visit at Ultra Smiles. The application can be completed on-site or online, allowing you to start your treatment plan without delay.

Humm’s payment plans offer flexibility, and certain plans allow for changes and cancellations. However, it is essential to review the terms and conditions of your specific plan for details on modifying or cancelling your arrangement. Our friendly team at Ultra Smiles is always ready to assist you with any questions regarding your payment.