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Invisalign is the latest development in orthodontics, allowing you to straighten your teeth more comfortably and aesthetically. Orthodontic treatment is proven to provide long-term benefits for your teeth, including reducing the rate of decay and gum disease. Studies have shown that when your teeth are straighter, they become easier to clean and maintain keeeping them healthy for life. With straighter teeth and a brand-new smile, our patients also gain improved confidence! At Ultra Smiles Dental Dulwich Hill, we offer both fixed braces or clear aligner treatments (such as Invisalign), depending on your preference and suitability.
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FAQ's about Invisalign

Invisalign is a series of clear, removeable trays that are specifically custom-made for your teeth. The trays are virtually invisible which makes it a very attractive option compared to conventional braces with metal wires and brackets. Each tray moves the teeth incrementally and gently to an ideal position. Our dentists design the movements in each tray so that when you have completed the series, your teeth will be completely straight. With Invisalign, you will be able to visualise what your teeth will look like when it is completed and how long it will approximately take before the treatment begins! With the help of the 3D technology and the AI, you can take part in planning your perfect smile too.

The costs on Invisalign generally depends on the amount of time and trays needed to straighten your teeth. Treatment can vary from $1800 for simple cases up to $8000 for complex cases. At the initial consultation we would be able to assess your case and let you know how much it will costs before you begin!

Our clinic also has interest- free payment plans available which allows you to pay for your treatment in instalments with no additional costs. We believe that orthodontic treatment should be affordable and accessible for all patients wanting a straighter and healthier smile.

At Ultra Smiles Dental, we love to use clear aligners to improve your smile. Dr. Kevin has completed a Graduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics with the prestigious BOSS institution and loves everything in the world of orthodontics. We love seeing you smile as you complete your Invisalign journey with us and become life-long patients and friends.

If you have been thinking about Invisalign, please give us a call and one of our friendly staff can organise a consultation for you. We are conveniently located in Dulwich Hill along Marrickville Road and service all Inner West Sydney.

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