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Safe White Coloured Dental Fillings in Dulwich Hill

Believe or not, your teeth have fillings too!

Dental fillings are typically placed to repair broken or chipped teeth/fillings and holes in your teeth (called cavities).

What are cavities?

The build up of harmful of bacteria in your mouth combined with a sugary diet can lead to the formation of dental cavities.

Just think of your tooth like an apple or an orange. Over time, if you are not looking after your teeth perfectly, your teeth will start to rot, just like a piece of fruit. From the outside, a rotten apple may look perfectly fine with only a small hole, but when you open up the fruit, it may be completely rotten inside. Your teeth act very much in the same way.

At Ultra Smiles Dental Dulwich Hill, we do a thorough examination of your mouth at every appointment in order to pick up on any early signs of dental cavities, as prevention is the most effective way to treat cavities. If we notice any cavities or broken teeth, we will show them to you on our digital camera/ X-rays and our dental team will walk you through the best long-term solution.


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As a patient, if you notice any dark areas on your teeth or you are experiencing any pain or sensitivity to sweet and sugary foods, this may be a sign of a serious cavity.

We can repair most cavities by cleaning out the cavity and placing a sparkling new tooth-coloured dental filling.

We use modern dental filling materials called composite which can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth. The use of composite fillings provides a very aesthetic and long-term solution.

When you book an appointment at Ultra Smiles Dental Dulwich Hill, you can rest assured knowing that you have the best team looking after you.

If you are experiencing any discomfort or you would simply like to make sure that any early signs of cavities in your teeth can be detected early, call us today on (02) 9145 0149 and book an appointment.

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